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about us

Through it’s three components Creativity Research and Education, World Peace Art Initiatives and Installation Performances, our main missions relate to:

ONE) : sharing and helping all people to appreciate and use their full potential in creative and critical thinking

TWO) : developing ways to build positive community relationships

THREE) : integrating the arts, sciences and technology into peaceful qualitative outcomes

Our group believes in the Oneness of Humankind, racial, religious and gender equality and the need to create internal peace within each person so as to expand that condition externally to local, national and international settings.

BIG THINK leaders are educated and skilled in the expertise of installation, performance, fabrication, design, teaching, scientific research, lecture/workshop presentation, computer technology, collaboration, logistics and operations and integrated teaching and learning.

Established in 1978 as the ILW, BIG THINK has worked in various types of physical environments, with many types of groups and with numerous traditional and non-traditional materials.

Our portfolio contains successful examples and images of national and international large scale environmental works, installation/performances, academic and action-level research, lectures and workshops, teaching engagements at all levels of education, the fabrication/creation of unique forms in Art and Technology and a impressive list of major donors, funding institutions and publications.

our philosophy :
creativity is the common link