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Creative and critical thinking, problem solving, project based learning, and collaborative teaching and learning is essential for education. Since the 1980s, BIGthink’s core educational and artistic mission has been to collaborate with all disciplines strengthening its educational programs in creativity education and Integrated Teaching and Learning (ITL). Its successful quantitative and qualitative outcomes are evident from the available website images. Improved teaching and learning happens when whole brain thinking is used in the classroom and this tandem right and left hemispheric cognitive processing is learned by both student and teacher.
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BIGthink’s educational component, directed by Peter Middleton, utilizes three core approaches: 
1)	to develop and implement educational research strategies and instruments for teacher and student data collection to support innovative teaching methodology
2)	to design innovative curricula appropriate to individual school settings
3)	to present workshops, seminar and lectures for teachers, administrators and students regarding brain architecture/function and neuroplasticity

BIGthink continues to work at nationally and internationally. Using BIGthink’s Creative Learning Program (CLP) and the Integrated Teaching and Learning (ITL) model, BIGthink has facilitated learning, teaching and workshops since the 1980s.

Some recent highlights: (Images and short text with each)

Brain Sensorium ( air structure 40’x 30’x 20’high.)

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